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Wait … wut … ?

As I have described elsewhere, a number of years ago I suffered a medical injury which has affected my short-term memory (recollection). I have been using various self-rehabilitation techniques to try and improve on this, one of which is memorising Dad Jokes.

Miraculously, I have also become a father. This has triggered my in-built genetic switch to memorise, recall, and tell Dad Jokes as much as possible, with the aim of embarassing my family as much as possible and getting the groans and eye rolls.

Putting the two together, I have extended this scope to include my work colleagues and friends (particularly on farcebook), and strangely enough, have had a number of people ask me to make an archive of them available for referencing purposes.

So, in the spirit of being a good citizen…

Let me at them!

Please be warned – although these are (mostly) clean, remember I am Australian, and I spent most of my life in the UK. So there is a hefty dose of sarcastic British and Aussie humour involved, which may be offensive to some 🙂

  • Animals
  • Australia – well, if you can’t laugh at yourselves …
  • British – jokes about the Poms
  • Being a Dad
  • Food
  • France and the French je me manque la france beaucoup …
  • Genderthe ongoing battle of the sexes
  • Health
  • Information Securityyes, even in the world of the Cybers we have a sense of humour
  • ITnon-infosec IT Jokes
  • Irish - the joys of being Irish, or jokes about the Irish
  • Classical Jokes
  • Money
  • Motivational 
  • Movies
  • MuricaUSA! USA! USA! Probably won’t be appreciated by Americans.
  • Music
  • NSFWYes, these ones are definitely not suitable for a work environment. Or  in front of the kids either.
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Being Online
  • Personality
  • Religion – may cause offence.
  • Rude - Discretion advised, may be NSFW depending upon your country or environment. British, Irish and Aussies would wonder whats unsuitable about these.
  • Shopping
  • Sport
  • Wife – Stereotypical jokes about being married.  I’m lucky that I’ve found they don’t apply to me In Real Life.
  • Wordplay the vast majority of Dad Jokes live here.
  • Work 

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Many of these jokes were “leveraged” – of course, all good Dad Jokes are passed from father to son, father to father, borrowed, or leveraged from other sources.  I’ll try to reference them as much as possible, but its taken me a while to get around to building this site, so have a backlog. Generally they are sourced from:

  • Dad (of course)
  • Other Dads
  • Various Facebook Groups and Pages, including:
    • Dad Jokes Australia
    • Dad Jokes Canada
    • and some non-public ones 🙂
  • /r/dadjokes/
  • Random Tweets
  • More to be added …