It didn’t take long …

… for those whining Poms to gloat non-stop about their miraculous effort in the Rugby World Cup. Well, miraculous if you count Johnny Boy kicking, rather than the whole team actually playing rugby, as something to be proud of. The game is turning into a bloody farce, much like aerial ping-pong. 😛

Anyway, it didn’t take long for the jokes to start circulating around the internet. Of course, we’ve all seen the “Aussie Whine” recycled from four years ago, and the shot of the Aussie player on his knee bowing to the Pommy one; both are not so funny. But I was amused … for about 5 seconds … by the one-liners:

  • Sales of condoms in Australia plummeted over the weekend when the England Rugby squad proved that to f#ck fifteen Aussies you only need one Johnny…
  • What do you call a Kiwi in the World Cup final? A Referee
  • What do you call an Aussie in the World Cup Final? A linesman.
  • France to meet England at the Stade de France. New Zealand to meet Australia at terminal two at Charles de Gaule.
  • The difference between a tea bag and an All Black? A tea bag stays in the cup for longer.

Ah well, let them gloat. I mean, its not often they win anything do they. Look at the football and cricket teams for example. 🙂

And in any case South Africa will totally kick their @rses like a few weeks ago, when they destroyed them 36-0. The England strip for the finals will be as follows:


Why We Curse, Bloody Aye and Origin of the word Pom

I always wanted to find an fucking excuse for fucking swearing on my blog. And now thanks to digg I’ve fucking found one. There’s a great fucking article at TNR on Why We Curse, adding to the debate from a psycological and historical perspective. Fucking brilliant.

Here in Australia swearing is part of the national psyche, culture and language. Who can forget the Where The Bloody Hell Are You? tourism campaign (you can see the original uncensored advert online) that caused so much controversy across the world due to the use of the word Bloody (the word is standard language here and is not even a swear word)? It even got the advert banned in the UK, and the bloody Yanks tried to ban it, but in an act of pure bloody genius, Tourism Australia made the news headlines across the world with the advert and so got the advert played for free on all of the news channels, including the BBC.

Of course, Aussies thought this was hilarious and spoofed it themselves, as you can see here, on the Chasers’ War on the ABC, for the traditional Pom*-bashing when getting ready for the Ashes 2007 Series (btw … 5-0 … lol) and in a recent advert for Chicken Kiev where a young girl shows how she learned how to swear.

Of course we do have standards -its very rare you’ll hear the “c” word anywhere, but everywhere you go you will hear people refering to others as fuckwits or telling them to ga’an get facked mate.

* Pom is Australian for “English Person” and not a racist term, but part of the language. Much debate exists on its origin, but its commonly accepted to stand for “Prisoner of Her Majesty” or “Prisoner of Mass Origin”. But, to be honest, its more accurate just to say that its just an acronym for the full phrase Whinging Pommy Bastard.

We Wish England Was Australia…

Australian Culture at its finest, on the road to the upcoming Rugby World Cup. Our local rum-maker, Bundaberg Rum, has come up with an advert with a load of English People wishing that England was Australia. And, of course, its Pom-Bashing at its finest. 😀

Although Duncan MacLeod, on his TV adverts site, notes that the tune is sung to that of Jupiter, from the Planets Suite by Holst; English fans will also remember that it was also the Theme Tune to the 1999 Rugby World Cup broadcast on ITV, as well as many other World Cups; surely there is the implcit meaning in there that the Wallabies will totally whip the Poms on the field?