Julie Moult is an Idiot

A Pommy “journalist” recently published an article about an alleged Googlebombing of British MP Hazel Blears without doing her research and understanding the technical facts behind the “internet craze”.

Of course, the Internet community has sought to help her understand the context and to correct a such an evil accusation as well as reprimand her for not correctly crediting the author of the image in her article. In a mature manner, of course.

Whilst I normally wouldn’t bother with this kind of thing, look at the other cra… erm …rubbish she has wriiten in works of fiction like The Sun and The Daily Mail over the years. Particularly this shocker about “nazi racoons” invading mother England.

So, just for you Julie, with credit due to Daniel Hoffman-Gill (as I can’t be fussed capping my own lolracoon):

What a tw@. 🙂

How I Built a Media Server on a Playstation 3 (PS3)

… or how I am going about doing it now. Please send me any comments, tips, etc via the Comments. I’ll be updating this as I go.

I’m a bit of a n00b sometimes around the newer fangled technologies – at work these days I don’t get to play with the technologies as much unless you count Excel, PowerPoint and Project – but have challenged myself to upgrade my PS3 into a Media Server.

Now the PS3 is a great Read more