Acromegaly, the Shrek Condition – My story. [Part 3: Brain Injury – Dark Cloud, Silver Lining]

My apologies for the delay in writing this update. As you’ll see, its quite a difficult post  to write, and this is my third attempt, after aborting and doing something less distressful. Like killing some pigs on Angry Birds. The first part is based upon my understanding of what happened, and the remainder  is based […]

Acromegaly, the Shrek Condition – My story. [Part 2: Initial Treatment]

In my previous post, I described how I was diagnosed, in my early 30s, with a Pituitary Tumour causing a one-in-a-million condition called Acromegaly. It is referred to as the Shrek Disease on the Internet after French wrestler Maurice Tillet (upon whom Shrek was based),  although I call it a Condition as you can’t “catch” Acromegaly. In my case it was identified, […]

Mashup Idea of the Day

With yesterday’s unsalted password dump at LinkedIn (seriously LinkedIn, wtf are you doing not salting your passwords?), the password dump of eHarmony and today’s suspected compromise at, this would be an ideal time to provide a service that tells the truth behind an eHarmony profile simply by matching email addresses and passwords. For example […]

Opinion – What are common concerns about adopting cloud computing?

I am yet to be convinced that the current "Cloud Computing" wave is little more than vendor-driven marketing hype, driven by technologists that are chasing business revenue through the promise of "bottom line cost savings" – whilst conveniently ignoring business-critical issues such as Information (and not just IT) Security. As a colleague highlighted to me […]