Barry The Bin Chicken


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So, I asked ChatGPT-3 to write a poem about Barry being the mascot for #BrisBin2032. I wasn’t disappointed:

Barry the Bin Chicken, humble and plain,
Rummaging through trash, never seeking fame.
But fate had other plans for this feathered friend,
As Brisbane’s Olympic mascot, his story took a bend.

He waddled through the streets, with his head held high,
A symbol of resilience, under the bright blue sky.
The city cheered and celebrated his rise,
From an unlikely hero, to their beloved prize.

No longer just a bird, but an ambassador for the Games,
His message of unity, not lost in his fame.
He reminds us all, that no matter our past,
We can rise above and find a place that lasts.

So let’s honor Barry, the bin chicken with heart,
For inspiring us all, to do our part.
To dream big and reach high, just like he did,
And to believe in ourselves, no matter where we’re hid.