ALERT: Rogue Dropbear Loose in Brisbane CBD

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Local media has today reported that a rogue Dropbear has been spotted in the Brisbane CBD terrorising the local population.

Some think its only a Koala, but I think this guy is actually a close relative of the Koala – you know from the line of Koalas and Dropbears that interbred … can’t remember the latin name but it was something like dropbearuskoalainfestcityus. Other species of Dropbear have also been sighted recently, but not so far into the CBD.

Scientists thought that this particular species of dropbear had been killed out after they concreted over the CBD. Just seen in the Courier-Mail that there is now concern because these dropbears only came out between dusk and dawn, its very rare to see one in attack mode during daylight hours.

Brisbane City Council have warned everyone in the CBD today to wear dropbear repellent, or if you can’t get hold of it (there’s a run of repellent at the chemists apparently), smear some Vegemite on your nose. They hate the taste of it, hence why they don’t attack Australians unless desperate (they can sense it coming through our heads).

Security is not just about information security, or network security. Its also about people – a lot of information about an organisation is held within the minds of its employees and contractors. How would your organisation survive with the loss of key personnel due to a natural disaster or incident such as a dropbear attack? Today’s incident has highlighted the need for Queensland-based organisations to include the likelihood of this in their business continuity planning strategies.