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Today’s Rant of the Day has not been published as quick as I would like, but I only got around to ranting about it today. The target is Woolworths Limited and their decision to restrict customer choice in payment methods. (Watch out Senator Conroy, i’ve not finished with you yet).

The original plan was to fill up a trolley full of shopping – all the smallest packets possible – go through the checkout and try to pay with my Visa Debit card by pressing Credit. Of course Woolies now refuse this, forcing you to press Savings or Cheque – but not everybody has those functions on their Visa Debit Card. Cue ranting and storming out in a huff. But then i thought it wouldn’t be fair on those behind me in the queue (because they never have enough people working on shift), or the poor checkout chick who’s probably gone thorough this before.

So the target is their Head Office instead, using their ever-so-friendly website which allows you to cancel your Everyday Rewards card online.

I am cancelling my card in disgust at Woolworth’s recent policy change in refusing to accept Visa Debit cards as a Credit transaction.

By forcing me, the customer who pays your wages, to use a Debit transaction, you are forcing the payment to go via the EFTPOS network rather than the Visa network.

As a Credit Union customer, I get slammed on EFTPOS transactions because of the high charges that the major banks charge non-profit institutions like Credit Unions, unlike Visa or Mastercard charges. So this results in a transaction charge to me.

Woolworths may argue that it has the right to refuse payment methods. However you don’t have the right to tell me to switch my financial services provider to continue shopping at your store, which is what i have been told by your representatives.

I also have the right to boycott all Woolworths Limited’s stores, and to tell as many people as i can to do the same.

Good riddance, see you at Coles.


I wonder what Marketing-approved Standard Response I will receive? 😉

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  1. Yeah Woolworths corporate office are a bunch of money hungry wankers whom don’t care about what the consumer wants nor the fact that their prices are already ludricrously high and overpriced at around 300 to 400% profit. They go on about being the freshfood people but take short cuts with the stock and re freeze and defrost everything and have limp produce because of it. and when they do put something on special it is the lowest grade of produce which you can get for even much cheaper at your local fruit and veg grocer. Fresh food people my ass. Only themsleves and the shareholders. I believe we should all boycott the monopolies. I find Aldi is better value and more ethical about their marketing practices.