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Going through Digg this evening, I came across this article in the Pommie Times that resonated with me, particularly for the past two or three years. I’ve only just turned 30, but apparently I am a SPURMO – a Single, Proud, UnmarRied Man Over Thirty.

For proof, check out the self-test:

  1. When you meet a woman, do you check her wedding ring finger?
  2. On holiday, are you always put in the worst room of the chalet/villa?
  3. Have you ever thought, ‘who are all these old people,’ only to find out they’re your age?
  4. Do you mention ex-girlfriends early in a conversation so that people don’t assume you’re gay?
  5. Have you ever said, ‘fifteen years is not that big of an age difference’?
  6. Do you have two or more godchildren?
  7. Does your sushi delivery place know what you mean when you order ‘the usual’?
  8. Does sleeping with a Yummy Mummy no longer involve an older woman?
  9. Do women you are considering hitting on call you ‘sir’?
  10. The woman you’re flirting with reveals she has a child. Is that no longer a deal killer?
  11. Is hair loss a greater threat to the planet than global warming?
  12. Are you friends with guys you would never have been friends with at University?

Well, apart from Q5 (which, of course, is illegal* for me at the moment) and Q11 (thankfully, but my genes are against me on this one). But it is true, I’m single, straight and one of a dying breed.

I thought it was because I have travelled a lot with work in the consulting arena, and lived in different countries over the past ten years and have found it hard to build a social circle and social life. But maybe its more of a social phenomena – unless you are married and are starting to have kids by your late twenties, are you just weird, “over the hill”, or just normal in today’s world?

No doubt – I do want to find “the one”, get married and have kids – just need to wait for Kylie to come back home of course 🙂

I’m not sure, but am sure as hell not beating myself up about it as much.

* and by way – Mexico, Indonesia and Qatar? You’re sick, sick, sick.