The Truth – Dropbears are NOT Koalas, and DO exist!



Koalas are part and parcel of the Aussie bush. They’re not that bad,stoned probably,but it really is the dropbears (affectionally known as droppies to the natives) you’ve got to worry about …

More about droppies for those who don’t know about them:

There are many other sites about dropbears, most of which disclaim the fact that they exist at all. Let’s be honest about this. Dropbears do exist, but given the Australian Government is concerned for the welfare of our strong tourism industry, they try many forms of discrediting the fact that exist, such as the rubbish on here (the disclaimer), editing Wikipedia, and so on. Indeed, the most accurate description I have found is here.

I have a dropbear near where I live in southern QLD, she’s a juvenile (would say about 3 or 4 years old) and she’s started to attack dingos and small animals. It won’t be long before she starts to attack foreigners, in particular Mexicans (by which I mean those Australians from South of the Border – Victorians, Canberrains and New South Welshman), Kiwis, Poms and, for some strange reason, people from Tierra del Fuego.

Contrary to popular belief, they’re not so keen on Americans, maybe there’s too much fat in there and not enough meat. Also, the Irish are safe due to their high Iron and Alcohol content. To remain safe, all you need to do is smear Vegemite onto your nose, as they can’t stand the taste of that stuff either.

BTW – the “dropbear” in the Bundaberg Rum advert is not a real dropbear, but is different Aussie Icon, the Bundy Bear. I guess they were too scared to get a real one