Comment: More Friendly Fire from the Americans


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Oh My God! They Killed Skippy!Headline and photo taken from the Courier-Mail.

To blatantly rip-off a famous line from South Park,

“Oh My God! They Killed Skippy! You B@stards!”

First the Americans poisoned Phar Lap*, then they banned Vegemite**, and now they killed Skippy*** when she made a break for freedom! How un-Australian is that?

Gees … we’re a supposed “great ally” on the war on terror, and the only other country in the world arrogant enough not to sign the Kyoto Protocol (well … yet … there’s a federal election this year, might be a vote-winner) and we still suffer from “friendly fire” against some of our most important national icons.

What is the world coming to?****


* allegedly. Got that, lawyers? ALLEGEDLY.
** depends who you believe, but probably not true.
*** we're just jealous because we're not allowed to have pet roos, but we do find them very tasty and healthy to shoot and eat.
**** this is a tounge-in-cheek article. Please don't sue me, and do try to see the funny side. Sarcastic replies welcome though.