Chasers’ War on Sydney APEC Security

Well, it had to happen didn’t it.

The Federal and NSW Governments spent over $250m on securing the Sydney CBD for the ongoing 2007 APEC Summit.

Two of the Chaser’s War on Everything guys, not only did they get waved through two checkpoints and posing as the Canadian motorcade, thy got as far as near Dubya’s hotel before being stopped, arrested and charged under the APEC Act.

The APEC Act restricts people from being in the “secure area” without justification during the summit (a case of guilty until you prove yourself innocent?). Even the ABC’s own report states that they didn’t intend to get as far as they did.

True, Chas being dressed up as Bin Laden during the stunt probably didn’t help, but is bloody funny.

This incident is highly embarrasing for the police, federal and state governments who have essentially fallen for the old trick of Social Engineering to bypass Security measures. For example, the media are reporting that it was due to a “breakdown in communication”, but surely they could have checked to see if the Canadians were in town in the first place (the Canadian PM hasn’t even arrived in Australia yet).

Of course, its not the only Security gaffe so far. Two “unauthorised” men were arrested for being in the hotel lobby when Dubya arrived. Two members of the Labor party were issued police passes for the security zone.

With the global media (so far: CNN, el Reg via Reuters, Australian, etc) already covering the story, I believe its likely that they will be made an example of when they front court in Early October.

Hopefully, these minor gaffes will jolt the authorities into a proper state of alert, against real risks or threats. Personally, i can’t wait until next weeks’ episode of The Chaser as they’ll be taking the piss big time.

We Wish England Was Australia…

Australian Culture at its finest, on the road to the upcoming Rugby World Cup. Our local rum-maker, Bundaberg Rum, has come up with an advert with a load of English People wishing that England was Australia. And, of course, its Pom-Bashing at its finest. 😀

Although Duncan MacLeod, on his TV adverts site, notes that the tune is sung to that of Jupiter, from the Planets Suite by Holst; English fans will also remember that it was also the Theme Tune to the 1999 Rugby World Cup broadcast on ITV, as well as many other World Cups; surely there is the implcit meaning in there that the Wallabies will totally whip the Poms on the field?

Comment: Emergency Supplies for Flood-Hit NSW

Few Australians will not be aware of the devastating storms that battered New South Wales last week, unfortunately claiming a number of lives and millions of dollars in damage as the Hunter River burst its banks and flooded many towns in the NSW Central Coast. Indeed, the storms have been reported widely across the world, and have been the worst to hit the region for over 30 years.

Now, in the latest of my series of Why I Love Australia, I’d also like to comment upon the fact that for the two major Eastern States (Queensland and New South Wales), there is an annual rugby tournament which is fiercly contested, called State of Origin.

Although by rights I should gloat about Queensland’s glorious victory over NSW last night, ending a the “hoodoo curse” of QLD never beating NSW at the Telstra Stadium in Sydney; I won’t out of respect for the NSW supporters who are extremely annoyed at losing the series for the second year running. (heehee).

However, what I would like to point out is the predicament that those affected by the NSW Storms/Floods were in. With the local watering holes flooded out, how could the local community support the Blues in the match? Well, thanks to the State Emergency Service,  the day was saved by emergency rations of beer being delivered by boat and helicopter, just in time for the match.

This is a great example of Australian mateship. No matter how difficult the situation, no matter how hard times we fall upon, I love the fact that you’re always there to help a fellow Aussie in dire times of need (for example, when a disaster occurs, in times of need, or most importantly, when the hotel runs out of beer). So thanks to the SES, the beer was in the pub in time for Origin II.

Doesn’t it make you proud.

Unfortunately, the way the BBC reported the same story simply makes us sound like a nation of alcoholics. Bloody poms.