Chasers’ War on Sydney APEC Security

Well, it had to happen didn’t it. The Federal and NSW Governments spent over $250m on securing the Sydney CBD for the ongoing 2007 APEC Summit. Two of the Chaser’s War on Everything guys, not only did they get waved through two checkpoints and posing as the Canadian motorcade, thy got as far as near […]

We Wish England Was Australia…

Australian Culture at its finest, on the road to the upcoming Rugby World Cup. Our local rum-maker, Bundaberg Rum, has come up with an advert with a load of English People wishing that England was Australia. And, of course, its Pom-Bashing at its finest. 😀 Although Duncan MacLeod, on his TV adverts site, notes that […]

Comment: Emergency Supplies for Flood-Hit NSW

Few Australians will not be aware of the devastating storms that battered New South Wales last week, unfortunately claiming a number of lives and millions of dollars in damage as the Hunter River burst its banks and flooded many towns in the NSW Central Coast. Indeed, the storms have been reported widely across the world, […]

Comment: More Friendly Fire from the Americans

Headline and photo taken from the Courier-Mail. To blatantly rip-off a famous line from South Park, “Oh My God! They Killed Skippy! You B@stards!” First the Americans poisoned Phar Lap*, then they banned Vegemite**, and now they killed Skippy*** when she made a break for freedom! How un-Australian