A genuine joke from Queensland

It is well known that humour is regional, but this is the first joke that I can say is truly Queenslander: At a national conference of the Australian Hotels Association, the general managers of Cascade Brewery (Tasmania), Tooheys (New South Wales), XXXX (Queensland), CUB (Victoria) and Coopers (South Australia) found themselves sitting at the same […]

Comment: Emergency Supplies for Flood-Hit NSW

Few Australians will not be aware of the devastating storms that battered New South Wales last week, unfortunately claiming a number of lives and millions of dollars in damage as the Hunter River burst its banks and flooded many towns in the NSW Central Coast. Indeed, the storms have been reported widely across the world, […]

Gloves! Gloves! Utility Gloves!

Now normally I wouldn’t get so excited about gloves, particularly given that I did (albeit grudgingly) grow up in a cold and wet part of the world, but I have recently seen the freehand, a nice little glove with an inbuilt pocket on the back. Nice and useful for holding iPods, Nanos, keys, etc. whist […]

Generating Electricity, Water from Brewery Waste

Finally, for those of you working in the Sunshine State, can also spend Monday‚Äôs Labor Day holiday marvelling at the potential life-changing discovery at the University of Queensland. The propellerheads there have found a way of charging a battery cell using the waste water from the beer brewing process, with the waste being renewable CO2 […]