OSMOS Base Technology Selection

Harvey, S., Zarli, A., Rezgui, Y., Cooper, G.S. & Kazi, A.S. (2001). OSMOS Base Technology Selection. OSMOS Project Deliverable (D2.1). Europe: OSMOS Project Consortium. Available on the World Wide Web: (URL: http://cic.vtt.fi/projects/osmos/d21.pdf)


This document details the results from a period of investigation into the underlying technologies that could be used to provide the infrastructure on which the OSMOS Solution will be specified and built. It complements, and should be read in conjunction with, especially, D2.2 (OSMOS Architecture Definition and Specification).

This deliverable, which is aimed at the level of a reader who has some expertise in Information Technology architectures, will introduce the underlying technologies on which the OSMOS Solution could be built upon. It will introduce the reader to networks and the Internet, introduce two and three tier architectures, introduce and analyse the various middleware technologies (such as RPC, Message-Oriented Middleware, Transactional Middleware and the more recent Object Based Middleware such as CORBA, (D)COM(+) and Java), highlight some of the security issues that need to be considered, introduce some technologies used for exchanging data and finally highlight some technologies that can be used to support teamworking in the industry.

This is the second revision of D2.1 – Final Release for Iteration 2. A new release will be produced for iteration 3.

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